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I would whole heartily recommend Noga’s New River Art School. I personally feel my own art has really developed thanks to Noga’s guidance. As someone who had not done any art lessons since school, it has been incredibly illuminating. It is great to have honest, constructive feedback, with the emphasis on learning by doing. It has been really good to work on different aspects of art – drawing, water colours, oils. The classes are relaxed, and fun. I like that we have a strong theme each term, and that we try new techniques, and styles. Tips and theories are incorporated into the terms so you can always pickup new things!  Jon Sandy




'There is something to suit everyone in Noga's classes,from complete beginner to more advanced students.The lessons are well structured with a good balance between theory,art history,gallery visits and practical work.

I started as a complete beginner in Spring 2019 and,with Noga's guidance ,have been amazed by how much progress has been possible within a relatively short time.

I found a new level of enjoyment in visiting galleries and exhibitions,especially being given permission and encouragement to draw in public spaces. Sketching from works of art in galleries has made me engage at a whole new level.

With the advent of lockdown Noga has managed to adapt her classes to an online format via Zoom.She continues to give theory sessions,practical demonstrations of new techniques and feedback on our own works.

If you have a spark of interest but are feeling nervous about signing up for a class I recommend you give it a go. Joining Noga's class has opened a new door for me and,especially in these strange covid times,I

would say it has changed my life for the better.' - Jane Haslam




'About two years ago, and as a very mature student, I tentatively joined an art class. This was something I had always intended to do but was ‘too busy’ to follow through. It was a class of mixed age, experience and ability, which could well have been intimidating to a mature beginner were it not for Noga’s gift as a tutor. She is direct, encouraging, and motivating, fostering an interest in Art for itself and in the visiting of galleries, traditional and contemporary. 

While accepting that I will never be recognised as a ‘Grandma Moses’, I am amazed at how much time can be pleasurably spent at home creating an image on paper which is meaningful to me, and in sharing with others what has meaning for them.  In these very strange times the opportunity to do this, and to virtually visit art Exhibitions under knowledgeable guidance is a gift.' - Eileen Thomas



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